Who We Are

The DeMile Developmental Programs Institute is a branch of the Tao of Wing Chun Do, a non-profit teaching organization founded in 1975 in Honolulu.  The original program was developed by Dr. Fred Weaver, MD, a neuro-psychiatrist at the Veterans Tripler Hospital in Honolulu and James W. DeMile, who was program director of the Hypno-Cybernetics Institute in Honolulu.  Together they established a dynamic internalization program for pain, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder control  for wounded Viet Nam Vets at Tripler.  From this original program, DeMile developed a non-theraputic program and  traveled inter-island for the next few years teaching the science of internalization for personal development.  Moving to the mainland with his wife Irene and daughter Michelle,  DeMile continued teaching and holding personal development seminars across the US, as well as Europe and Australia, until 2015.  DeMile retired from traveling in 2015 and refocused his interests to the new studies in psyconeuroimmunology, or how thinking affects the body.  Instead of looking at the placebo effect as a non-medicinal element in drug research, scientists began to appreciate it as a natural healing tool of the body.  Along with learning about the newest discoveries in how stem cells regenerated tissue repair, DeMile became very interested in using the brain's natural defensive mechanism to restore physical dysfunction by accessing the mind's control over stem cells.  It is this research that is the basis for our programs.  Having over 45 years of experience dealing with people with emotional issues, DeMile has chosen to expand the program by applying the latest in stem cells discoveries, as well as applying the powers of the placebo effect to help individuals take responsibility for their own health and well being.

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