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I will no longer offer private training modules, other than the One and Three inch Power Punch.  If you would like information on it, please contact my email only, not FB.

Any donation is for the knowledge and private teaching, not the time spent.  I set a basic time as a reference to teach a specific structure of information.  Some will learn quicker than others and I can adjust expand or condense accordingly.  The teaching format is one zoom class a week.  The first week presents the basics, drills or exercises and each followup session is review and then new material taught.

I am presently doing private Closed position Chi Sao zoom sessions and will finish these to determine if I want to do another one.


Power Punch (Long Range, one and three inch)  $400  

*Applied mechanical and close quarter application 

*Vertical Punch - primary target the head

*Horizontal Punch – Head and body

*Demonstration, (exhibition) maximizing visual application

*Power source applications – bio-mechanic structure to maximize transfer of energy with minimal loss (stance), also, Kinetic, mass in motion, vertical and horizontal convergence, torque, darkside.

*Speed – Startle (Pure speed), long range entry, non-telegraphic (blindline / quickdraw)


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