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Spontaneous Remission triggers. 


One day it is there, the next it is gone ??????

Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimer's, PTSD, Chemical depression and many more......

It’s a miracle! It’s a mystery!  It’s the power of the mind!  It’s really all three. 

It is a miracle, because it seems to be divine intervention.  A mystery, since we cannot seem to solve it and a power of the mind, for the reason that it appears to be where the cure comes from.  Accepted by science, yet overlooked by most doctors..  Regardless of the pro’s and con’s, it is acknowledged by most health professionals, that Spontaneous Remission exists. 

However, the problem is the Spontaneous appearance of Remission is spontaneous, rather than by human efforts.   It is not there, and suddenly it is there.  For no apparent reason, and at random selection, a terminal condition disappears.  Is it a freak occurrence, or an action triggered by the mind, to some form of mental command.  People change their lifestyles, eating habits and environment and many pray for a cure.  Do any of these actually have the power to trigger a healing process, I strongly believe the answer is yes.   I feel the mind knows how any condition started, and also has the power to change the physical state, back into a harmonious and balanced form. 

It is just an extension of the minds ability to maintain equilibrium between the sympathetic and para-sympathetic system, and along with the immune system, control the metabolism, respiration, heart rate, as well as defend against invading infectious organisms and other dangerous diseases.   The mind, acts like the captain of a ship, sending out commands to ward off pirates and keep the ship sailing in top condition.   This thought leads us to certain assumptions.

The only obstacle to having the mind be more diligent in removing terminal conditions, is changing the Spontaneity to a “trigger response”.  That is the goal of our program.  To discover and access the trigger and set it as a default setting to maintain balance and harmony in the mind/body.

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