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Self Defense is a multi level program.  First, developing skills to protect the family. Second, physical conditioning and third, building self confidence and self respect.  All these elements are important for maximizing your efforts to bring the mind and body into harmony and balance.

"DeMile Defensive Tactics Program"


The DeMile Defensive Tactics Program (DDTP) is a refinement of the law enforcement program that Jim DeMile has taught around the world since 1971.  The original DeMile Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Program was designed for the unique demands of the police, military, executives and government organizations that have to deal with violent physical situations. Mr. DeMile’s background includes being brought up in an orphanage for 12 years where the code was "survival of the fittest".  Undefeated heavyweight boxer in the Air Force for two years.  Hand to hand combat instructor for the 1st Special Forces Group (Green Beret's)  at Fort Lewis in 1985, 1986.  Instructor in close quarter combat at the international Special Forces Combatives course in  Pattaya, Thailand, 2003.    Has taught gun retention, knife/club defense seminars to the FBI, Secret Service as well as at many Police Academies across the country.  He taught the flight crews of Virgin Airlines in Australia and in New Zealand, taught non-abusive prisoner control at the correctional institutions  He has often traveled throughout Europe to teach police and public-attended seminars on basic self defense.  He was an active special Deputy Sheriff, for 12 years,  with the state of Ohio, where he taught SWAT teams and at the Ohio Police Chiefs convention.  DeMile was also an original student of the legendary Bruce Lee and developed the science of Bruce Lees combative art known as Wing Chun Do. The main WCD school is in Livonia Michigan and is headed by Grandmaster Rocco Ambrose, the current head instructor of the system.   DeMile, who has written four books and a number of training videos on self defense , (including Bruce Lee's  explosive 1 and 3 inch Power Punch),  is recognized as a leading authority on Modern Self Defense and was inducted into the prestigious "World Martial Arts Hall of Fame".  DeMile is listed in Who's Who in the Martial Arts, the Genealogy of the Ving Tsun Family, the Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia,Bruce Lee's Fighting Spirit and has appeared in two movies "Weapons of Death & Curse of the Dragon", twice on the national TV program Entertainment Tonight as well as five film documentaries.  He has been featured on the covers of numerous national and international martial arts magazines as well as having written many articles on defensive tactics.

DDTP is a modern approach to self defense.  Its scientific and practical methods of teaching allow for rapid development in learning for each student, regardless of gender, age or physical condition.  DeMile is the originator of many unique electronic training devices and the use of specialized spring loaded dummies.  These training aids allow for  immediate feedback on the students’ skills. The rules of simplicity, efficiency and practicality are the basis for each technique.  The DDTP also focuses on attribute training as well as defensive skills.  Simple bio-mechanical teaching methods produce rapid increases in speed, reactions and explosive power.  With a minimum of training, a 60 year old student can equal a 20 year old in speed of motion and reactions.  Also, mental stress and physical rigidity reduce the student’s ability to perform adequately, therefore emphasis is placed on personal development in the areas of self confidence and self respect.  DeMile, although retired from active teaching  he still confers on a regular basis with Grandmaster Ambrose.  DeMile is very active in his programs on "how to become your own master therapist", and lives in Hilo, Hawaii with his wife Irene, where they where married 48 years ago. 

          DDTP is a branch of the Tao of Wing Chun Do, a non-profit teaching organization since 1975 and is registered in Hawaii.  The IRS Federal ID number is 95-1599958.

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