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  • James DeMile


Question of the word “displacement” in my recent post.

I like key words that help clarify sources of anger, frustration or free floating stress. One of these is “displacement”.

Have you ever been angry, at someone who did something to you, but you had to suppress your feelings, because they were your boss or bigger and meaner than you? What did you do with that anger? You probably released it on someone or something less threatening. Going home and yelling at your spouse, the kids or kicking the bike in the driveway. Cutting off someone on the freeway or being rude to the clerk in the store. Venting is OK, if you do not hurt someone or something in the process. Some people go to the gym and work out, others run, some practice martial arts and relieve their tension in sparring. All good, but not the answer. Knowing you are prone to “displacing” anger on a source, other than the causing source, you should recognize this as dangerous behavior that can have a disastrous outcome. One of the things you do not want to do, is suppress the anger and let it build up. When you finally vent, you explode, with divorce, jail or bodily injury, when venting on the wrong person, as possible results . And worse yet, it can have long term emotional affects on children. “Displacing” is a trigger easily recognized. If you have a “bad” boss, then quit, or work to resolve the purpose of the tension. If you cannot change the boss’s behavior, then change your reaction to it. Each situation has a way to resolve the potential need to “Displace” energy. Every time you overcome a personal weakness, you change negative energy to positive energy, and make your life that much richer.

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