• James DeMile


This was a question asked by a number of people over the last couple of years and I never answered it. How did I arrive at fact or conclusion of my belief about an afterlife. I will share the post, written in Nov. of 2015. .I will post my answer in a followup post. Comments are welcome Why are we here? A very practical question. Whys are we here? Is there a purpose? If you do not believe in a “God” or “Supreme Entity”, there is no need to answer the question. If you have a religion that dictates a purpose in life, and you accept it, you have your answer already. However if you are one of those curious souls, who does not have an answer, and feel there is something beyond death, then an answer to “Why”, will always linger, especially as you get older. One thing I know for sure, is that I do not have “the” answer. I have an answer for myself, but it is based on belief, not fact. Most people take exception to questioning their belief. The main reason is, they cannot prove their conviction, which leads to a thread of doubt. If you take the Bible as a way to prove your faith, but the person who you are trying to educate, only see’s the Bible as a book, then the Bible has no reference value. I was brought up in a Catholic Orphanage. We only read the catechism, not the bible. Later as an adult, I read the Bible and rejected many of the theological teachings, yet accept I may be wrong. I cannot prove or disprove what I was taught, since all the source material was based on “faith”. So, if I did not know if my earlier religious education was inaccurate, why did I not accept it? Because of the importance of the question “Why”. I felt uncomfortable and wanted to search for acceptable answers. Much of our life, how we establish our personal values, our relationships, our day to day responses, our self image, is based on some earlier implanted basic belief. If a person feels their present answers are incomplete, then they much search elsewhere. It always fascinates me, because there are so many different religions, that each has a firm belief in theirs being the “true religion”. So strong a belief, they are willing to die for it. That is what finally made me accept, that there is no way I can select a true religion, because they all sound truthful. My logic is, if you cannot find fact to support a belief, then you have to create your own belief and accept it as fact. Of course, that logic has holes, but since it is my logic, who can challenge it with their logic?? It is fun, yet serious, to explore new areas of thought, open new doors, always seeking answers. Young people, who read this, will be confused and quickly move on to something else. Middle aged readers will spend a few moments in understanding and then move on. Those that are 60+ will relate, because they are very curious, since the hands of time are moving quicker. Why and for what purpose, cannot be solved by quantum physics or any other scientific approach, yet it was the of science of biology that allowed me to arrive at “my fact”. The answer must come from the heart. The answer must resonate with your reality, no one else’s. Once you have an answer, you can grow old, with peace of mind. The only ones who know as a fact, are those who are looking back from the other side, if there is another side?