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Why are we here? What is a truth? When is a fact a fact??? I exist, to me is a fact. When I look into a mirror and see myself, is not a fact. Confused, me too. Science is able to replace almost any part of the body and will soon be able to grow replaceable body parts in a dish. Face transplants have been successful and they are talking about duplicating the function of the brain with artificial intelligence. Does that mean that if I get someone else’s heart, we are now roommates? The apparent question is, am I my body with a soul, or am I only a soul using the body to exist in a physical world. The more science replaces the body, the more I lean towards just being a tenant in who I see in the mirror. Why this is so important to accept or reject is, is most of my emotional life conflicts relate to the physical me, rather than the spiritual me. The image of who I am.. is who I am, or so I was lead to believe. The fact of my existence suddenly was not a fact. This posed two interesting questions. First, if I am not my body, when did I become part of it? Number two, where did I come from and where am I going? Science presents our existence as a serious of accidents that evolved from a primordial goo. Religion presents the thought that man was created from an omnipotent entity. Since I have found no facts, to me, that support religious dogma, I am left to investigate the primordial goo. This is where I have been able to accept as fact, that evolution is not a fact. My research was based on simple logic. It might have taken a few billion years of atoms bouncing around to create an amino acid, but the step from amino acid to a simple protein is beyond my imagination. Proteins are what creates the body. No proteins, no you and me. It takes 20 amino acids, in a specific order, to create a single functioning protein, all by accident. Accident means, if you threw them all up in the air, they would have to land, locked together in a specific order. There about 30,000 + different proteins in the human body. An example of the problem would be the lottery. Your chances of winning the power ball lottery are 292 million to one. There are only six numbers and five of them can be in any order. Now change the rules and say they also have to be in a specific order. Now add one more number, then another, all the way up to twenty. You could fly to the most distant galaxy we can see, at 100 miles an hour, and return before you had one protein, by accident, that is not even looking for the other 30,000. When I say it is beyond my imagination, I am putting it into a timeframe of 13 billion years, since science says that is how long we have been around as a universe. It was this simple scientific rational that made me accept that evolution was not a fact. A parallel thought that twisted my brain, when I was in an orphanage in Oregon and a nun told me that “God always was and always will be”. I could somehow grasp the “always will be”, but the “always was”, till this day, is beyond my deepest logic. If I are not an accident, then where did I come from. This suggest a creator??? Researching religion did not rule out a creator, only the one man created. So, at 81, I have arrived at two facts. One, that I am not a accidental product of goo, and two, that the answer to who am I, why do I exist, and is there anything beyond, will only be answered by going to the other side. Everything else is a guess, educated or not, so why worry about it, it is out of my hands. I do not discuss or debate religious dogma, so please do not write me and claim to have the answer. Maybe you do, but it is your answer, not mine. Since my views are based on belief rather than fact, it is impractical to try and validate them to someone else. Aloha from our little spot in paradise.

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