• James DeMile


Bruce Lee would be very disappointed in the present state of martial arts. His vision was that students would evolve the art to higher and higher levels. That they would take his and other masters concepts and add new thoughts and techniques. They would only see him, Bruce, as a step in a forward journey. He was very aware he had a lot to offer, yet he felt it was only food for thought, so others could build on it. Instead they stopped, built a stature in his memory and encircled it to pay homage. They are spending the time looking at Bruce, instead of the future. They are looking at his finger, rather than where it is pointing. The bowl of knowledge he shared has been stirred and mixed into a mishmash of useless information. The bickering and shallow claims of authenticity have created cracks in Bruce’s statue and it will soon fall apart. Because of the conflict, Bruce’s image, to the younger generations has been reduced to him being just an actor. The gems of knowledge Bruce shared are still there, but lost in the dust and shadows created by disunity and disaccord. There is still a small chance the statue can be repaired. If those who knew him and those who admired him would collect all the bits and pieces he left behind and create an archive of information, then there would be a reference for future generations. Jesse, Ed, Taky, myself, Danny, Richard and many others, all have those bits and pieces and once we are gone, fact will become fantasy. People who trained with us are only getting information. Information that has many points of view, yet is from one ultimate source, Bruce lee. It is from these views that the big picture emerges. But, unless these bits and pieces come together, it will be like seeing Bruce through a cracked mirror. It is up to you out there to seek out and train with anyone who touched Bruce’s hands. Forget labels and ignore the shallow claims and gather what knowledge you can, because there is so little time. You who listen to this, are the future. Whether the statue stands tall or disintegrates into dust, is up to you.