• James DeMile


Bruce Lee had a dream

Ever since his experience of being a child actor in Hong Kong, and appearing in 17 movies, Bruce dreamed of becoming the first Asian superstar. In Hong Kong, back in the 40's and 50's, being in the movies was no big deal. most of the films were poorly shot, had little story line and bad to mediocre actors. But the audience didn't care, as long as there was a lot of fight scenes. Because it was so noisy 24 hours a day, any movie was shot without any audio and all voice and any sounds were added later. Although shooting any scene seemed in constant turmoil, Bruce found being in the movies exciting...since it allowed him to escape from the reality of existing in an over crowded city where he was just another ant crawling around trying to survive. Whenever he had the chance..he would go see a movie that was shot in America....and he would day-dream he was the star on the big screen. But it was only fantasy, since Bruce really had no skills other than playing a tough guy roll in all his films. Outside the studio, Bruce was just another street kid living day to day. He got into a lot of street fights...winning some and losing some. Then he met a streetfighter named Ah Hing, who was reputed to win all of his fights. Bruce was fascinated with Ah Hings combative skill against many of the traditional gung fu styles and was quick to learn what style he trained in....it was called Wing Chun...and was a close quarter fighting system. He immediately joined the local Wing Chun club...which was his first step in his path to stardom. Little did he realize that this and a series of coincidences...would start him on his journey to becoming a legend. Please read the module on " the luck of Bruce Lee" which expands on Bruce's introduction to "lady luck" and her guiding him to immortality.