• James DeMile


The brain is like a sophisticated computer. You have the outer shell that protects the sensitive operational components, and the mind, or inner workings, which is partitioned into two levels. The upper conscious level processes thoughts that is given visual form (monitor), which then transfers information (keyboard or USB) to the lower sub-conscious level (motherboard) for further processing. The conscious and sub-conscious are very dependent on one another, just as the motherboard is dependent on information sent down through the keyboard or USB. To keep things simple and efficient, the motherboard, just as the mind(sympathetic/parasympathetic, immune system), has default settings. These settings act as reference points to keep the system in balance and running smoothly. An amazing process, unless …… Unfortunately, the mind and computer are very dependent on one thing, correct information. But unlike the computer, when given wrong information, still maintains its default settings, the mind does not. The motherboard is mechanical and functions with constant energy levels, the brain reacts to emotional input and can create elevated destructive energy to the system. This energy, if left long enough or imprinted strongly, becomes the new default setting. Inputting correct information can cause both the mind and computer to reorganize basic settings and allow positive changes. When used properly, the computer can solve very complicated problems. The Brain has a hundred times more potential power than a computer, and only needs clear and precise input to remove any imbalance and restore physical harmony.