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1. Establishing precise and unrestricted communication between the conscious/sub-conscious.

We do not use the mantra of meditation or the trance levels of hypnosis.  We use a dynamic internalization technique to obtain maximum internal focus, as well as to block any sub-conscious resistance or rejection to positive input.


2. Accessing control over the various mental triggers which manage the central and peripheral nervous system, the immune system, and the regenerative stem cells that repair damaged tissue.


Our research has shown we can  access these controls and cause positive change by exciting the stem cells and the immune's systems defensive tools to restore, rebuild or even cure any health issues.  The same controls regulate emotional conflicts and can modify or change any default setting.


3. By using the same video, audio or printed information sent to you(provided by the institute), we will develop a precise understanding of your concern.  This information will act as a basis for developing each step of the program. 


A key ingredient to our program is that individuals do not have to remember anything they have read, seen or heard.  Why, because it is all stored in the sub-conscious reference library and easily accessed for answers or solutions to any problem.  The only requirement is that individuals understand the material they are reviewing.   


4. Defining, as exact as possible, the primary concern, both consciously and sub-consciously.


This is achieved by clarifying conscious details and special exercises to trigger sub-conscious responses to related questions. We have an unique way of clearly defining any problem, regardless of how serious.           


5. Validating or in-validating the area of stress or dysfunction.


It is important to determine whether the problem exists at the moment or is maintained by the conscious because of sub-conscious default settings established in the past.  An example would be military PTSD.  Is the individual still in a combat zone, which would make it valid, or at home, which would make it invalid.  It is important to clarify this in order to convert the PTSD from a emotional memory to a non-emotional memory.


6. Developing an individualized program that is simple, efficient and practical.


Teamwork between us is the key to being successful.  To accomplish this, you will be given appropriate tasks that will insure our communication is precise.  You will also be given personalized recorded material, in your area of concern, that you can listen to on your computer or phone.  Once the individuals enroll in a program, you will be sent a questionnaire and a password for setting up a secured personal link for all future communication.

  Steps in program?

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