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How does this all relate to the body in personal development?

Self Confidence, a high feeling of self esteem and self respect, are mainly emotional, as part of a thought process.  However, a large part of confidence is in your physical well-being, and your satisfaction of evolving your physical attributes to a high level, as well as the perception of yourself.  A healthy body, as well as refining attributes like speed, endurance, power, balance, coordination, rhythm and timing, contributes to a person’s overall confidence.  This confidence allows them to function much better at all levels of society. It is particularly important to reach the point where your mind and body are harmonious enough so an individual could concentrate on discovering more about his spiritual side.  The self defense elements of training are only a side benefit, since most people will never get into a physical confrontation.

This series of personal emotional (mind) discoveries along with designing and following the academic structure for physical growth (body) in Win Chun Do, was the key to bringing my “spiritual” energy (me, as a entity) into balance and harmony.  The three elements were separate, yet functioned as one.  I have structured this information into a step-by-step format so those interested can learn and apply it.   Aloha , Hilo Hawaii.

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