There are two applications of this program. 

First, is free to members of the TWCD.  It is only a $30 membership donation.  This allows the members access to all the information for self application.

The second, is pairing up with a guide who takes you through each step as well as provide personal recordings for each phase.  If you are interested in this phase, contact me for more information

Regardless of the area of concern, whether self confidence, sleep, smoking, cancer, depression, stuttering, glaucoma, post traumatic stress disorder or even  expanding athletic or academic skills, the fee is donation only and is determined with the area of concern.  The individual can determine when a program is complete, usually not longer than three months.   


The donation is paid to Tao of Wing Chun Do.  Since it is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, Federal ID

95-1599958, it is tax deductible.   The program is "Personal Development" and includes all levels of personal concern.  We use Paypal, since it is an international secured pay system


Any questions, call 206-385-4640  or email to

Program Director,


Want to sign up today and get your program started......