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It is very important to understand that words like meditation and hypnosis are only words to describe a process to internalize your thoughts.  What do words such as daydreaming, introspection, sleep, naps, contemplating, reflection, deliberation, prayer, thought centering all have in common?  They are all an internal mental processes.  For a short time the mind detaches from outside distractions and focuses within, which allows the mind to draw from its vast source of knowledge without external interference.  By minimizing exterior intervention, the mind can focus and center on one stream of thought. Centering the mind maximizes its potential to access the needed facts to resolve any question or attain any mental, emotional or physical goal.  Power naps have been used by many powerful people to help resolve perplexing problems.  Leonardo DeVinci, Winston Churchill, John Kennedy and even Albert Einstein acknowledged  they used naps to let the mind work on a problem, free from external or even conscious distractions.

***First Mini module

Conscious/Subconscious –   When we talk about the conscious/sub-conscious we make certain assumptions:

**That there are two separate functioning brain segments.

**The conscious is the intellectual, and working with the five senses, allows us to function in the world around us. 

**The subconscious is like a motherboard in a computer, it is the unseen power that keeps everything working smoothly.  It has default settings for running the autonomic  systems, metabolism and respiratory system, but it also has presets created since childhood that evolved from negative emotions like anger, fear, resentment, guilt and free floating dark feelings brought on by low self esteem,  self consciousness, poor self image, feelings of inadequacy  and a confusing value system as well as a mixed up identity.  It is this cauldron of dark emotions that creates the conflict with the logical conscious image of your self.  It is the purpose of this program, to create a clear and precise communication between the conscious and subconscious, so any negative presets or defaults can be reset to produce consistent positive results.


*** Second Mini module

Proving conscious/Subconscious –  This is a simple exercise to prove to you that you have a conscious and sub-conscious.  It is based on something you are probably already familiar with, but ignored it as a child’s game.  But, science has found that it is actually a very practical tool to by-pass the conscious and directly access the subconscious.  It is also a way to train the subconscious to respond to conscious commands.   It is not magical or mysterious, it is an exercise based on supportable fact.  Lets first do the exercise,  then I will explain how it is done.  Listen to each step carefully.   For the demo use a ring and some thread.


 *** Third Mini Module

Key Word Imprint –  This is a very important module since it will be applied in many areas that you want to improve or change.  Think of the keyword as a doorway.  I want to go from this room to the next.  The doorway is a reference that separates one room from another.   Now think of your thoughts as being external, just dealing with daily activities….and you have decided to internalize your thoughts.  The keyword is the trigger that shifts your focus from without to within.  My keyword is Jim.  No matter where I am at or how I feel… if I want to work on a personal issue, I say the keyword..JIM..and immediately feel a sinking sensation.  Now here is an important point.  The degree of response to your keyword will depend on where you are… and what you are doing.  I can be in bed, a social event or driving a car.  My reaction will be relative to the situation.  In bed..I will just let go and feel a distinct feeling of sinking down, almost as if I were going to sleep.  In a social situation, I may close my eyes for a moment, feel a sinking sensation, give myself positive commands to relax or focus and then blend back into the activities.  If I am driving, I will feel a sinking sensation, but I will also be able to focus on my driving.  There is a built in defense mechanism that allows us to adapt to each condition and always maintain control over our survival alarm.

The key word can be anything that does not activate a memory or emotional reaction.  It should be neutral and as short as possible.  Words like love, happiness or tranquility are not good words since they usually elicit an emotional association.  You can change the keyword at anytime.


***Fourth Mini module

Getting set-up –attitude and physical readiness


*** Fifth Mini module

First Internalization –   Digital recording of initial internalization.  Keyword imprint



*** Sixth Mini module

Second Internalization -  Digital recording of reinforcement of keyword and positive response to any digital recordings as well as their own thoughts.


***Next series of Mini modules will be imprinting digital recordings in specific subject areas.  The participant, after establishing his key word and practicing the internalization process, can listen to select areas of concern. Topics will include both martial arts and personal development.   Accelerated learning, focus, speed, spring energy, closing and others, as well as self confidence, confidence, motivation, health, attitude.  I will build new modules as the need presents itself.

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