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Wing Chun DO is the “art and science”, DeMile Defensive Tactics is the “science and combatives” of my interpretations of Bruce’s concepts and principles.  Bruce looked at the martial from two positions.  First was the art.  He felt the “art was beautiful” but not scientific.  He wanted something to reflect a deeper element of the “art”.  This element was “Practicality”.  He wanted a system that was beautiful, yet functional in modern society.  So he developed a flowing of techniques that were based on Simplicity, Efficiency and most important, Practicality.  It was a personal creation that reflected his needs at that time.  Practicality, meant he had to have a reference to determine a techniques value, hence the science of discovery.

But, Bruce also viewed Practicality concepts from a combative and reality standpoint, that they should be able to be taught in a shorter period of time and with less emphasis on details.  Practicality should be open to expand as circumstances required. The rapid growth of JujiItsu and MMA training has changed the attitude of many students and broadened the need for more diversity in training

DeMile Defensive Tactics is a compressed version of WCD and standup combat Jujitsu (JJ). It is the blending of the best close quarter defensive tactics from both arts.   Chris “the Badger” Blanke is a WCD instructor as well as a multiple Black Belt gold medal world Jujitsu champion under  the Ribeiro JJ (RJJ) banner, and Chris is well known for his knowing the difference between “sport” and “combative” jujitsu.  Chris has an extremely successful World class competitive jujitsu school in Toledo Ohio and has contributed invaluable standup jujitsu techniques to the DeMile Defensive Tactics program.    We also incorporate the latest in electronic training technology.  A primary difference between WCD and DDT is how they are taught.  WCD is presented on more of an academic basis, where details are important.  DSD touches on the details but emphasizes application.  WCD offers more of a family atmosphere, where DDT promotes an aggressive training environment.

Also, DDT can be added to any existing schools curriculum.  An instructor who already has a teaching format can expand it with DDT by becoming an affiliate or train to have their own DSD school.  One of the benefits of being an affiliate is having personal access to working closely with Sijo DeMile

Any questions can be directed to  Cameron is the Senior instructor in DeMile Defensive Tactics and is located in Renton, Washington.

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